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We specialize in working with the neurological population. 

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Executive Functioning & Cognition

Home Safety, Fall Prevention, Strengthening

Hand Therapy

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Disabled elder lady sitting on the floor
  • Attention

  • Short-Term Memory ​

  • Emotional Control

  • Social Interaction Skills 

  • Sensory Processing and Regulation

  • Difficulty completing and initiating tasks

  • Organization

  • Productivity/Time Management

  • Shifting from one task to another

  • Numbness and Tingling

  • Decreased hand strength 

  • Difficulty with fine motor control

    • picking up/grasping objects, typing, cutting foods, writing

  • Upper extremity pain

  • Fall prevention

  • Home safety assessment ​​

  • Overall Strengthening

  • Wheelchair assessment and recommendation

  • Establishing new life role, routines, and/or occupation

Common Neurological Disorders Treated

Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion

 Multiple Sclerosis


Sensory Processing Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder 



Alzheimer's Disease

and More!

What Can Cogworks Therapy Help Me With?

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Identify cognitive and executive functioning strengths and areas to work on to maximize function. 


How to improve your strength and balance and prevent falls. 

Customer Service

Assistance with identifying new roles, routines, or work that fulfills you and considers cognitive or physical limitations. 

Home Entrance

Determine barriers to independence - physically and cognitively and how to address them. 


Home safety recommendations to increase safety.

Riding on a Highway

Why tasks you used to perform and enjoy are now more difficult/impossible to perform such as: work related tasks, cooking, typing, opening containers, and hobbies. 


“Traci assessed my daily routines and recommended multiple strategies to increase my independence and safety. Traci is definitely worth the money!"


"My mom looks forward to the services she utilizes from this group, since they are all incredibly kind, helpful and organized."


Mom is always excited on the days Traci comes over to help her with these exercises. Her upbeat and encouraging personality makes it fun for mom. I highly recommend Traci's services.