Hi There!

   My name is Traci, and I'm the owner of CogWorks (previously known as "Limitless Senior Services") and a therapy provider myself. As an occupational therapist, I was spending more time on documentation and less time on patient care. Patients were being seen more often by assistants rather than myself and therapists were being overworked leaving less time for completing patient related tasks. I knew I could do better and patients deserved better. I also found it difficult for clients and family members to carry over tasks and always thought it would be beneficial to work with patients in their natural environment. I wanted to have the flexibility to provide services wherever I felt the patient needed them. Limitless Senior Services was born in 2020 out of a passion to provide high quality, specialized, and convenient neurological rehabilitation that goes far beyond typical home and outpatient care. The name was changed to CogWorks in 2021 to better reflect the population we serve. 


Our Mission


To provide the highest quality neurological rehabilitation focused therapy services that are convenient, results driven, and in your most natural environment in order to allow you to return to living a fulfilled life sooner.

Our Values

Superior Care

(That extends beyond the individual session)

Building Relationships That Last

Evidence Based Care

Strong Communication 

(With individuals, families, and doctors)

Quality over Quantity


(Seeing the same provider over the course of treatment when possible)

Thinking Outside The Box