Cognitive Rehabilitation/Executive Functioning Focused Therapy - Virtual or in your Home (if in the Denver Area). 

Thorough assessment of your current skills and ability to perform functional tasks throughout the day to determine your strengths and areas of difficulty. Includes standardized assessment. Assessment of home environment, school, or work environment may be included as 


General Recommendations are provided with family, school, and workplace specifics as needed. 

Goals and a plan of care are established and set with patient and/or family.

This service is great for: Those looking to understand more about their cognition/executive functioning skills, how it is impacting them functionally, and how to address it.

What is cognitive rehabilitation? What are executive functioning skills? Click HERE to learn more.

Hand Therapy

Assessment of your hand strength, dexterity, fine motor skills, and sensation.

This service is great for: If you have concerns about upper extremity/hand skills, decreased strength, or ability to perform tasks that require use of your hands. 

Therapy for General Decline in Functioning

Thorough assessment of your current level of performance doing tasks within your home environment that allow you to be independent such as: transferring to your shower, cooking, cleaning, medication management, etc. Assessment of balance, overall strength, and endurance. 

Goals and a plan of care are established with the patient and family members as indicated. 

This service is great for: Those concerned about a decline in their ability to perform daily activities. 

Home Safety Assessment 

Assessment of your home environment to determine safety and potential barriers to independence. Recommendations are also provided and references as needed. 


   A free consultation is provided either virtually or over the phone where we will discuss your concerns and goals. Following the consultation, a formal evaluation will be performed. Therapy services following the evaluation are billed at an hourly rate. A typical therapy session costs $120/hr. We do not currently accept insurance because it doesn't allow us to provide the high level of service we provide. However, some insurance plans may reimburse you after sending a super bill (this is not guaranteed).